Zojirushi Coffee Mug

Zojirushi Coffee Mug

Zojirushi Coffee MugMeet The Gorgeous, Zojirushi Coffee Mug

At Coffee Mugs Land we’ve listed a SUPER SEXY Zojirushi coffee mug for you. We’re 100% sure that this is the best Zojirushi coffee mug that you’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful, simple and sophisticated.

We’ve have literally hunted for hours over the internet, across top Zojirushi coffee mug sellers out there, looking for nothing but the most awesome Zojirushi coffee mug for you and we’re proud to list the one that you see above.

The Specs of this Zojirushi Coffee Mug:

This Zojirushi coffee mug looks absolutely stunning in dark cocoa color and is complemented by the finest quality of stainless steel with non stick interior. To make things more stylish and friendly the coffee mug has flip open lid which fits tightly to keep your hot beverages hot and cold ones cold. Actually the flip open lid in this bad boy is way way better that most of travel coffee mugs out there!Zojirushi Coffee Mug Cleaning

Keep your clothes clean at all times and avoid accidental lid opening by using the safety lock feature of this kick ass Zojirushi coffee mug.

Ah talking about cleanliness reminds us about cleaning this coffee mug – it’s like a walk in the park; this tall, dark and handsome Zojirushi coffee mug is extremely easy to clean as the stopper can be disassembled and you can throughly clean the mug to your satisfaction and hygiene.

Planning to drink cold café in this coffee mug but hate to add crushed ice cubes to it? Then forget the pain of crushing ice cubes as the mouth of this Zojirushi coffee mug is wide enough to allow full-size ice cubes. Hmm…tempting!!!

Our Verdict:

This is the coffee mug that definitely makes you standout from the crowd. It’s a must have coffee mug for coffee lovers and at a discounted price of $22.70 this is a GRAB NOW deal.

This  Zojirushi coffee mug gets a big Coffee Mugs Land seal of approval.

How Much? $36.00 $22.70
Where From? Amazon.com

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