Say Fuck You Intelligently

Fuck You Coffee MugSay Fuck You Intelligently With A Sense of Humor

This coffee mug right here is one of the coolest, awesome and most intelligent way of saying FUCK YOU to someone who has a bit of brains in their heads.Fuck You Coffee Mug Travel

It has got the message written in such a way that people having some sort of intelligence will be able to guess what you’re trying to say and hence this is not for those really dumb people out there.

This coffee mug reads: “If you mess with me αQ” The Symbol before “Q” is the mathematical symbol “Alpha”. Now try reading the symbol “alpha” and Q together in a repeated fashion like (alpha Q, alpha Q…). Dude.. did you hear what you’re sayin??

Yes that’s the beauty of this fucking awesome coffee mug.. Take it to your office and sip hot coffee from this bad boy in front of your boss and this kick ass coffee mug will deliver that “FUCK YOU” message to your boss straight away.

It’s definitely an attention grabber and a great prank puller and that, by the way, makes it a freaking awesome gift for your friends, coworkers and to anyone else who has a sense of humor including yourself.

You can have it in variety of customizations if you want such as a ringer mug, frosted glass mug, travel coffee mug and much more.

Check all the variants of this coffee mug here.Fuck You Coffee Mug Travel Stein


How Much? $18.95 to $29.95 (depending upon the variant chosen)

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