Love Bird Coffee Mug

Love Bird Coffee Mug

Love Bird Coffee Mug If there’s love between 2 people then there has to be a love bird coffee mug that they share. There are 2 coffee mugs in this set, one big and another small suggesting his and her’s.

The handle of these romantic coffee mugs are curved and long; hence they won’t get hot even if you pour boiling water in the mugs.

Furthermore, the ergonomically designed openings lets you to sip the beverage of your choice with ease and enjoyment.

Here are the specs:

Material: White Porcelain, Clear Glaze


  • Large Cup: 8″ L x 3.5″ W x 3.5″; 14 oz
  • Small Cup: 6.75″ L x 3.25″ W x 3.25″ H; 8 oz.

Note: Microwave and dishwasher Safe

What’s The Cost and Where Do I Get One?

Price: $60

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From My Heart to Yours – Couple Coffee Mug


Couple-Coffee-Mug-BOLDLOFTLove is always in the air when your share your heart out and this awesome and loveable coffee mug is meant to do just that.

It printed with a very adorable love sharing cartoon characters with equally cute love message. Just bring both the mugs together to see and feel the love message!

This very romantic BOLDLOFT coffee mug is made up of stoneware ceramic and comes as a set of 2 cute coffee mugs. Furthermore, after sharing a coffee with your loved one, you don’t need to wash it with your hands, its dishwasher safe! Also, its microwave safe too!

It can hold 14 Oz of the beverage of your choice.

 More Couple coffee mugs awaiting for you RIGHT HERE…

 Does It Makes A Perfect Gift?

Well, we think that it really does make an awesome gift that can you give to anyone at their wedding anniversary or to your loved one with or without occasion.

PS: It’s really is super lovable valentine gift.

 What We Have To Say?

All that we can say that this is a really cute and adorable coffee mug that’s meant for “made for each other” couples; it’s got 35+ reviews and more than 4.5/5 stars on

Priced just under $30, this is an absolute buy!!!

Where From?

How Much? $29.95

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Two In One Unique Coffee Mug

Two Coffee Mugs In One SaucerWhen it comes to sharing your coffee with the one you love then there’s nothing that can beat this awesomely crafted, beautiful and loveable piece of art. It shows that special bond that you have with your loved one.

This completely white and “made for lovers” couples coffee mug is made of porcelain (that too of very high quality) and is the most unique mug that we’ve ever seen.

Furthermore, it comes with an equally simplistic yet elegant and flattering saucer which makes it a perfect set of coffee mugs to have in your home.

Read what real buyers of this two in one coffee mug have to say about it!!!

The Specifications:

As mentioned earlier that this collectible coffee mug is made up of porcelain and has the following dimensions: 4.5″ L x 2″ W x 3.25″ H for each cup.

Also the saucer has a diameter of 6.4 inches and is quite big enough to place both the cups comfortably.

The best part that we liked about this uncommon coffee mug is that you don’t have to worry about washing it, just put it in the dishwasher and you’re done. Yes, they are dishwasher safe.

Are They A Good Gift Idea?

Well, to that question, all we have to say is a big YES!!! They’re different, uncommon and definitely eye catching. They do really make super awesome gifts.

Our Verdict:

The moment we saw them, we just fell in love with these white beauties. These are the types of coffee mugs that every coffee (or even tea) lover must have in their collection.

How Much? $16

Where From?

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Shakespeare Insults Coffee Mug

Ah The Very Insulting Shakespeare Insults Coffee Mug

Shakespeare Insults Coffee MugLove Shakespeare?

It doesn’t matter you answered that yes or no because you are definitely going to love this Shakespeare insults coffee mug. Why? That’s because this unique coffee mug has got 30 insults from the legend of literature, and yes all the insults are extremely funny and biting.

Read 75+ reviews of this Shakespeare Insults Coffee Mug

Furthermore, this Shakespeare insults coffee mug is made of really awesome quality ceramic and that definitely makes it dishwasher and microwave safe.

The Specifications:

As mentioned earlier that it’s made of ceramic and has the following dimensions 4.6 x 4.6 x 3.8 inches.

Some of you may feel that the mug is a bit heavy as it weighs slightly less than 1 pounds; adding to all this, this piece of beauty can hold up to 12 oz of any beverage of your choice.

Is It a Good Gifting Idea?

Definitely YES!! There’s no reason to think otherwise. It’s certainly an awesome gift (for giving and even for receiving) for a student, scholar and to anyone who loves humor.

Price at just under $15 we believe that this is an absolute bargain.

Buy it RIGHT NOW from

Our Verdict?

This is one of the coffee mugs that is bound to make you smile each and every day. You must have it in your coffee mugs collection.

We simply love it and you’ll love it too!

How Much? $14.95

Where From?

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Floating Coffee Mug

MAGICALLY Floating Coffee Mug

Floating Coffee MugTired of wiping those brown circles off your coffee table? The Floating coffee mug is here for your rescue. This seriously stylish coffee mug is definitely one hell of an awesome mug to have in your home and it will make you to forget that mugs “originally” came with coasters.

Read Floating Coffee Mug Reviews Here

This cleverly designed mug is made such that the base of floating coffee mug never touches the coffee table top and hence you never ever have to care about those coffee marks on the table or table cloth.

Furthermore, this coffee mug’s handle is ergonomically designed and is huge, hence no matter if your hands are small or equivalent to Hulk; you will surely be able to hold this big boy comfortably.

Buy from and save $$$

Technical Specs:

The floating coffee mug is, without a doubt, crafted by experts and is definitely very sturdy and durable. In fact it’s so tough that it can easilyFloating Coffee Mug Close Up hold the weight of 1 gallon water (hmm… that’s a lot for a coffee mug).

Furthermore, this coffee mug measures 4.6 x 5.2 x 3.6 inches and weighs only 1 pounds

See the image of this mug with a huge water melon on top of it.

Our Verdict:

Things like these are bound to make your mornings interesting and happy.

The beautiful design of this coffee mug wins our hearts.

We definitely recommend it.

How Much? $29.99 $18.92

Where From?

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Peacock Coffee Mug

The Most Beautiful Peacock Coffee Mug

Peacock Coffee MugAnyone who loves a peacock is bound to fall in love at first sight with this beautiful Peacock coffee mug. This is a coffee mug that’s one hell of a beautiful thing and is definitely the most distinct coffee mug for your kitchen.

Made up of fine quality enamel porcelain, the awesome color combination on this peacock mug makes it look absolutely stunning.

Read 50+ reviews for this Peacock Coffee Mug

Furthermore, it comes with an equally mesmerizing saucer and spoon. There are many color variations that you can buy for this coffee mug. It comes in blue and green (as shown in the above image), red and yellow, shades of pink and many more.

See all color variations here.

Technical Specs:

This thing of beauty can hold up to 180 ml of the beverage of your choice and measures 6.7 x 4.3 x 3.7 inches; you don’t have to hit the gym inPeacock Coffee Mug, Spoon & Saucxer order to pick this peacock mug as it weighs less than 1 pound.

The diameter of the saucer (included) is 6 inches and height of the spoon (included) is 5 ½ inches.

What We Have To Say?

Well there’s no one in this world who can’t love such a finely crafted, super looking and high quality coffee mug.

Basically we just fell in love with it and this is one of the most collectible coffee mugs on our website.

How Much? $16.96

Where From?

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Star Wars R2D2 Robot Coffee Mug

AWESOME Star Wars R2D2 Robot Coffee Mug

Star Wars Coffee Mug R2D2 RobotRemember the R2D2 robot from Star Wars? Well he is here to join you when you take your next dose of coffee.

This seriously stylish Star Wars R2D2 robot coffee mug is definitely unusual and surely one of its kind.

See More Images Here

The looks and colors of this coffee mug resemble exactly the same as its Star Wars character.

Hats off to the manufacturer of this beautiful coffee mug for providing amazing attention to detail.

Check for discounts on for this R2D2 coffee mug NOW!!!

The Specifications:Star Wars Coffee Mug R2D2 Robot

The material of the coffee mug is surely a very good quality ceramic and this coffee mug can easily hold 12 Oz of the beverage of your choice.

Furthermore, the dimensional measurement for this collectible coffee mug are 5 x 5 x 4 inches; and it weighs only 1.8 ounces.

It needs the care of your hand for cleaning purposes and you cannot use this coffee mug in dishwasher & microwave.

Read what buyers of this Star Wars R2D2 Robot coffee mug have to say.

What we have to say?

This is one of the most perfect gift that you can give to any Star Wars fan. It’s bound to delight anyone who gets it.

We simply love it and priced at $22.78 we think it’s still very cheap.

How Much? $22.78

Where From?

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Say Fuck You Intelligently

Fuck You Coffee MugSay Fuck You Intelligently With A Sense of Humor

This coffee mug right here is one of the coolest, awesome and most intelligent way of saying FUCK YOU to someone who has a bit of brains in their heads.Fuck You Coffee Mug Travel

It has got the message written in such a way that people having some sort of intelligence will be able to guess what you’re trying to say and hence this is not for those really dumb people out there.

This coffee mug reads: “If you mess with me αQ” The Symbol before “Q” is the mathematical symbol “Alpha”. Now try reading the symbol “alpha” and Q together in a repeated fashion like (alpha Q, alpha Q…). Dude.. did you hear what you’re sayin??

Yes that’s the beauty of this fucking awesome coffee mug.. Take it to your office and sip hot coffee from this bad boy in front of your boss and this kick ass coffee mug will deliver that “FUCK YOU” message to your boss straight away.

It’s definitely an attention grabber and a great prank puller and that, by the way, makes it a freaking awesome gift for your friends, coworkers and to anyone else who has a sense of humor including yourself.

You can have it in variety of customizations if you want such as a ringer mug, frosted glass mug, travel coffee mug and much more.

Check all the variants of this coffee mug here.Fuck You Coffee Mug Travel Stein


How Much? $18.95 to $29.95 (depending upon the variant chosen)

Where From?

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No Coffee No Workee Coffee Mug

No Coffee No Workee Coffee Mug

No Coffee No Workee Coffee Mug

Meet the Hilarious No Coffee No Workee Coffee MugNo Cofee No Workee Coffee Mug All

Are you the one who needs a kick of coffee to jump start your day? If you’re, then this No Coffee No Workee coffee mug is a must have at your desk. Show your colleagues, friends and even to your boss, that it’s your favorite coffee that keeps you alive and kicking through out the day.

This no coffee no workee coffee mug is definitely the best one available on the internet as it lightens up your mood by changing it’s color; when the mug is cold it’s completely black but as soon as you pour your preferred hot beverage this mug seems to light up and change it’s color from black to white with a funny message “NO COFFEE NO WORKEE” written beautifully on it.

The Specifications:

This no coffee no workee coffee mug is surely a very high quality and extremely durable coffee mug because of the fact that it’s made up of the best quality ceramic that the industry has to offer. This marvelous piece of morphing beauty can hold up to 11Oz of your preferred beverage.

Is It A Good Gift?

No, because it’s not just good it’s an AWESOME gift!!! You can gift this kick ass no coffee no workee coffee mug to yourself, your mom, dad and to anyone who loves humor.

Our Verdict?

Unusual, mood lightening and cool. This coffee mug is for those who really love coffee and their mugs.

Basically – We just love it!!!

How Much? $27.99 $17.99
Where From?

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Brass Knuckle Coffee Mug

Brass Knuckle Coffee Mug Black

Brass Knuckle Coffee Mug BlackPresenting The Most Bad Ass Brass Knuckle Coffee Mug

Add a punch to your entire day in the morning with this kick ass brass knuckle coffee mug. Pour a strong coffee in this titanium plated knuckle duster shaped handle mug and send an equally strong message to your coworkers that you are no nonsense man anymore.

Sure there are other brass knuckle coffee mugs available on the internet but none of them even comes close to this one when it comes to quality and finish. This bad boy is made up of the highest quality porcelain and finished with hard-wearing titanium for that tough look.

You’ve the option to choose from two colors black and white one (we personally like the black one more as it’s dark and looks more punchy)Brass Knuckle Coffee Mug White

The Specifications:

Don’t even dare to think that these brass knuckle coffee mugs are not big enough to carry their personality; they are seriously huge and weigh 1.2 pounds (thanks to the extremely durable brass knuckle titanium plated duster).

They are seriously meant for the big guys as they can hold 16 Ounces of your favorite beverage.

Our Verdict:

Everything in this brass knuckle coffee mug is right, there’s nothing not to love in it. It’s looks cool, unique and awesome and is definitely a great gift.

This is seriously a mug that ensures that your cafe has that punch to keep you ahead in the race. We give it 5 out of 5 stars!!!

Thinking is a waste of time… BUY IT RIGHT NOW!!!

How Much? $27.19
Where From?

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