Large Skeleton Skull Halloween Coffee Mug

Large Skeleton Skull Halloween Coffee Mug

Large Skeleton Skull Halloween Coffee MugMeet The Skeleton Skull Coffee Mug

Want to celebrate your Halloween with style? Then you must get this hand painted Skeleton Skull Halloween coffee mug this time. However, you can definitely use this spooky skeleton skull coffee mug throughout the year and it will surely charm you every time you use it.

This cool coffee mug is shaped like the skeleton of a human skull and looks really creepy. It’s made of best quality ceramic and that makes it a really tough one. This means that this coffee mug is going to last with you for a long time.

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The Specifications of this Halloween Coffee Mug:

As said earlier it’s made of best quality ceramic and hence it’s dishwasher and microwave safe; means you don’t have to wash it with your hand and you can heat the beverage of your choice anytime you wish to. Plus it’s FDA approved!!!

Furthermore, it’s huge and can easily hold 15Oz of your favorite beverage.

Is it a Good Gift Idea?

We don’t have any doubts about that. It’s definitely an awesome thing that you can gift to your loved ones. We’re sure that they will absolutely love this bad boy.

Our Verdict:

Get this kick ass Skeleton Skull Hand Painted Halloween coffee mug before it’s out of stock. It is really selling like hot cakes!!!


How Much Does It Cost? $25 $10.99

Where Can I Buy It?

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Toilet Coffee Mug

Toilet Coffee Mug

Toilet Coffee MugToilet Coffee Mug

First you drink from this and then rush to use the real one. It’s a know and every morning proven fact that coffee makes people poop and this toilet coffee mug seems to have taken the idea very seriously. If you’re looking to get disgusted each time you sip your favorite beverage then you’re looking at something which is best at that. This toilet coffee mug is bound to be the most disgusting and gross thing that’ll ever touch your lips.

While in office, just pour your coffee in the toilet coffee mug and proudly show off your strong stomach to your friends and colleagues whilst sipping that brown water from it; make sure that your female friends aren’t around.

Here are the Specs for youToilet Coffee Mug Use

Looking gross and exactly same as a toilet bowl, this coffee mug is made up of ceramic. It’s molded and hand painted to bring actual toilet bowl curves, finish and freshness to your lips. It can hold up to 12Oz of your favorite beverage which is much less than actual toilet bowl, but hey weren’t supposed to drink from the big one! So 12Oz is good enough.

Is It A Good Gift?

Definitely YES!!! It’s offensive, looks gross and is definitely unique, all these qualities make it a perfect gag gift for your friends or co-workers, be careful if you’re planning to gift it to your boss.

If someone your know suffers from caffeine addiction, then just wrap this bad ass mug in to a gift wrap and dis-please him. We’re sure that next time you offer them a coffee they would deny your offer!

Quick Suggestion: If a friend or coworker has weak stomach then don’t use this coffee mug in front of them and you can guess the reasons why!!!

Coffee Mugs Land Verdict:

Gross, disgusting, unusual but unique and an awesome gag puller is what we think this toilet coffee mug is. It makes for a perfect gift for anyone with shitty taste for coffee. We definitely recommend this for everyone. FLUSH IT!!!

How Much? @12.41
Where From?

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Eeyore Coffee Mug 3D Sculpted

Eeyore Coffee Mug

Eeyore Coffee Mug

If you’re looking to buy an eeyore coffee mug then you have come to the very best place. We have searched the whole internet looking for nothing but the best eeyore coffee mug available for sale and we have found the one just for you.

This eeyore coffee mug is a three dimensional sculpted mug and is the most awesome and cutest one available on the internet. It’s best suited for a big fan of eeyore – the donkey pal of Winnie The Pooh.

Furthermore, this  eeyore coffee mug is super collectible as it’s a part of the Disney Store’s 25th Anniversary Collection.Eeyore Coffee Mug Side View

The Specs:

Enormous efforts have been put on this eeyore coffee mug to hand paint it which makes it vibrant and shiny. For your amusement this coffee mug has a contrasting interior color.

It’s made up of ceramic and is microwave and dishwasher safe. It holds 12Oz of your favorite drink and has the following dimensions
4” H x 4” W x 7” D (at handle)

Coffee Mugs Land Verdict:

What’s there not to love? This eeyore coffee mug is the best one available and we give it our seal of approval for your buy list and a price of $50 is still less for this super collectible (Disney Store’s 25th Anniversary Collection) coffee mug.

How Much? $50
Where From?

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Minnie Mouse Coffee Mug

Minnie Mouse Coffee Mug

Minnie Mouse Coffee MugThis cute looking minnie mouse coffee mug is amusing, collectible and is timeless in terms of being fashionable. The mug is perfect for a disney fan (which are plenty in the world) and is awesome for use in a home or even as a gift for birthdays and other gifting occasions.

The Specifications:

This minnie mouse coffee mug and even the minnie figurine (sitting at the handle of the mug) is made up of very strong ceramic which provides this cute mug all the needed durability and strength and the mug can handle washing pressures easily and effectively.

Furthermore, to make the colors on this awesome mug more vibrant and vivacious the coffee mug is hand painted with dolomite.

The minnie mouse coffee mug has passed the CP65 safe drinking water and toxic reinforcement act (1986) of California

Carrying this minnie mouse coffee mug is a breeze as it’s extremely portable and has the following dimensions 3.8 x 5.5 x 5.2 inches and weighs only 1 pound.

The Verdict:

Good deals never last forever and at $15 price tag this has got to the best deal on the whole internet for this fun, cute and sweet  minnie mouse coffee mug.

This mug get a big yes from us. Buy It RIGHT NOW!!!

How Much? $15

Where From?

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